Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paper star

Hi this snowflake was done using 4" pieces of paper that Glenda showed me how to make on one of our stamp-n-play dates. When I took my dad to emergency on Friday one of the stations had the same snowflake but they had to have used at least 6" or 7" pieces of paper theirs was huge! They used plain white for 3 sections and 3 soft yellow for 3 sections and it was gorgeous! If you don't have dp use plain paper! To watch the tutorial that Glenda found you can go here.
The cutting is pretty fast its the putting it together that takes a long time. We used glue dots even for the middle and it holds it together perfectly! I couldn't play yesterday but I'm hoping to play today, lol!


  1. Looks great Dawn! The one at the emergency must have gorgeous. If I have time I might try a real big one! We will see.....

  2. Wished I would proof read before I post, I keep leaving words out. I meant to say 'have been' gorgeous, not have gorgeous. Please
    forgive -lol!

  3. WOW!! That is so intricate and elegant!! I love that fun style ornament!! HUGS