Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Blog has Attitude

This is my first Blog Award! I've won for cards that I've created but never for my blog, I'm honoured. Glenda, who is a designer for Lexi's Creations, nominated my blog and she is my stamping buddy, (thank goodness she comes and stamps with me every Friday I'd be lost without her!) . Take a look at her blog, Gilby's Corner, her creations are incredible! Here is all of the details about this award. I have to nominate 5 blogs that I also think have attitude. I don't know any of these ladies but their blogs rock! Kristine creates incredible cards Cindy has great tutorials for her projects Holly has beautiful cards with a fantastic sense of humour. Roxy has lovely cards and a great cloud tutorial Joanne creates gorgeous cards

And now three things that make me different is:

I love going for long walks in winter when its snowing, the harder it snows the longer I walk.

I love Christmas and start shopping Boxing Day and planning and making next years gifts!

Whenever I read a funny card or hear something funny I put the sentiment into a book so I can use it on one of my cards.

Thanks so much Glenda I really appreciate this!

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  1. Congratulations Dawn, and thanks for nominating me and all the sweet things you said about me! I love to walk in the snow too - just wish we got it more often!