Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not my Fault

OK I know that I was talking about changing my winter tires to summer tires BUT I never made the appointment! Yes the summer tires are in the back of the van, so what! I think it could be the golf courses fault because they opened the driving ranges last weekend, lol.
Its only been snowing for 6 1/2 hours so far and we're suppose to get 25cm of snow. I thought there's no way we'll get that much but you know...

I feel so sorry for my Mogul Pine, this heavy snow if very hard on the trees, it should be about 5 ft taller!

The other trees are ok, thank goodness. 
As I'm typing this for posting my cell phones dings there's a text. Its my son who left for work almost an hour ago. He says "OK made it to Millgate" I'm thinking there's something wrong with my phone, to get to Millgate by bus should take maybe 15 min in very slow traffic and he left an hour ago. So I text him, nope not a joke nobody's moving anywhere. Its going to be a while before he's at work. I think I'm staying home today and going into my craftroom and closing the door! BUT remember its not my fault its snowing!


  1. Oh shoveling was a trial today but I got the front done and the driveway too, left the back to fend for itself. Our poor Amur Maple lost two big branches, will look mighty peaked this summer:O) Ger took lots of pictures too, wow that was a lot of snow we had.

  2. Hi Daawn, so glad it's not here! Don't make any more X-Mas cards, maybe that will drive the snow away. haha