Monday, June 6, 2016

Stainglass Windows

Good morning, today's Monday which is Bugaboo's Anything But a Card Day so I created Stainglass windows out of Bugaboo Stamps! I printed Bugaboo's Coloring Page Balloons out to 8 x 10 and 

 Bugaboo's Rose Tag to 7 x 7.

Then I put a sheet of acetate over each and traced with DecoArt liquid leading and let it dry. Once the leading was dry I coloured in the picture with DecoArt Glass Stain. After the picture dries and I left it overnight just to be sure I heated up it up with the warmth from my hand and removed it from the acetate to stick it to my window. Voila a stainglass window! Drop on by Catch the Bug and check out what other Anything But a Card projects some of the DT have created! Happy crafting!


  1. I love the stained glass look. It's so pretty.

  2. wonderfully done Dawn, love the stained glass, so creative!