Friday, September 4, 2009

Masculine Card

This was another card I did with Firecrackers Designs stamps. The style is called Retiform, which we did in class. I did this one on dollar store glossy paper, which is sooo good compared to Stampin Up Glossy. I don't know if its because the dollar store is for printing pictures but it just grabs the colour and brightens it so much! I did another card almost the same but used Stampin Up glossy and it looks like a dull cousin, lol! You have to be very careful when embossing with the paper, (yes you can burn it ask Glenda and I how we know, lol) but for straight colouring the dollar store wins!


  1. WOW!! This sure is gorgeous!! I love it Dawn!! ;) HUGS

  2. Yes, gorgeous. I think that technique is one of my favourites. This specific card certainly has the wow factor.